Caroline Williams

Title: Who is responsible for my health? A study of complementary medicine, traditional Aboriginal remedies and other holistic natural therapy use in modern-day healing

Summary: The primary aim of the research is to explore the use — or lack thereof — and underlying beliefs of complementary/alternative medicine and natural therapy modalities including Aboriginal bush remedies in disease prevention and treatment.

Drawing on a history of professional experience within the health sector, this research will explore how complementary medicine and alternative therapies can reduce the medical burden on Australian taxpayers and what the focus for health should look like in the future.

Certain groups of people will be studied such as drug- and alcohol-dependent clients and those who are currently using natural therapy for fertility. This research considers several factors shaping the use of natural healing alternatives and why the ‘shift’ is taking place in the twenty-first century.


Ms Caroline Williams (PS)
Professor Marcia Langton (S)
Mr Greg Connolly (S)
Professor Jonathan Wardle (S)


The University of Melbourne