Title: Wagambirra

Summary: Wagambirra is a long-term research project, dedicated to and exploring the traditional Wiradjuri dance form. This seed development application relates to the initial research and opening of conversations and dialogue with knowledge holders, Elders, and the Wiradjuri community in Dubbo, NSW.

Dance is an important pillar in First Nations storytelling, and is key to intergenerational transference of cultural knowledge. As an ancient form it is used to celebrate, pay respect to, mourn, pass on knowledge, and to tell stories.

I am interested in re-awakening and rejuvenating traditional dances to pay respect to our cultural form whilst also pulling the practices into our contemporary world, by exploring these in a modern form of cultural expression.

Through community consultation and community participation, pre-existing relationships with community Elders and leaders will open up new relationships with those who hold knowledge and practice traditional dance in any form. Immersion in the landscape and community, paired with a deep connection to cultural custodians cannot be replicated from afar, and is fundamental in documenting this knowledge and ensuring its legacy for future generations.




Mr Daniel Riley (CI)
Ms Bernadette Riley (PI)
Ms Dianne McNaboe (PI)
Ms Linda Christoff (PI)
Ms Jessica Moore (PI)


The University of Melbourne
ILBIJERRI Theatre Company
Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre
Dubbo Regional Council