Revitalising and sharing knowledge through creativity: developing interdisciplinary research practice

Title: Revitalising and sharing knowledge through creativity: Developing interdisciplinary research practice

Summary: The project aims to support Gunaikurnai Land and Water Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) to create and articulate a robust participatory research process that continues oral tradition and embodied knowing as research scholarship, exploring art creation and engagement as method to rekindle people’s relationships to country, culture, and language. It also aims to deepen the relationship between GLaWAC and University of Melbourne (UoM) researchers, building foundations for future collaborative research.

The guiding research question is: How can Indigenous knowledge be reconnected with and shared on Country through creative processes including storytelling, music, and art?

The proposed project will co-develop a research process for reconnecting with and sharing knowledge of Country between UoM researchers and GLaWAC, building on prior collaborative research in 2020. In that earlier work, a need was identified to create opportunity for Gunaikurnai mob to be on Country together to experience and share what healthy Country looks, feels, and sounds like. Knowledge sharing among First Nations people has long been done orally, through sharing stories, song, and through interactive processes of doing, such as art and basket weaving, connecting hands, hearts, and minds.




Dr Andrea Rawluk (CI)
Ms Maddison Miller (CI)
Dr Gillian Howell (CI)
Prof Rod Keenan (CI)
Mr Daniel Miller (PI)
Mr Leroy Parsons (PI)


The University of Melbourne
Gunaikurnai Land and Water Aboriginal Corporation