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Astronomy, English, Year 8

Indigenous astronomy and song series

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to navigate across vast areas of land and sea, sophisticated knowledge systems were necessary. Their terrestrial and astronomical knowledge was remembered in cultural expressions, such song series (or song lines) which provided memory maps used to travel long distances across the landscape or seas. These songs and their rhythm (which are often composed of different languages) aided travellers crossing the land, telling them where to find food, water, and shelter by using landscape and skyscape features.

Astronomy, Humanities and Social Sciences, Year 5

Indigenous astronomy and seasonal calendars

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have an understanding of how the stars and constellations are connected to environmental phenomena on Earth. They developed complex seasonal calendars that incorporate detailed knowledge of the positions of stars and constellations with corresponding terrestrial events, such as changing weather patterns, animal behaviour, and the availability of plants and medicines.