IKI Theme Leader Information Session

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Research themes

The Indigenous Knowledge Institute (IKI) aims to advance interdisciplinary research and engagement in Indigenous knowledge systems. IKI is a Melbourne Interdisciplinary Research Institute, which aims to promote research linkages and collaboration across the University and play a lead role in translating University research to external audiences.

The IKI Research Theme grant scheme supports integrated two-year programs of interdisciplinary research that focus on new proposed Themes in Indigenous knowledge. Each Theme will be directed with a Theme Leader at 0.1 FTE, who will be selected for appointment through this application process.

IKI invites proposals for innovative, interdisciplinary research programs with a focus on specific Themes in Indigenous knowledge.

Come along to an information session to find out more about applying:

IKI staff are available to assist you in your application and encourage you to contact Indigenous‐knowledge@unimelb.edu.au to discuss your proposal before submitting an application.