Reconciliation, Change & Partnerships

Promotional image for National Reconciliation Week 2022. The image features the theme

Forum Theatre, Arts West North Wing, University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3010


Please join us for light refreshments and a panel discussion on making change through sustainable partnerships.

This is a collaborative event hosted by the Dilin Duwa Centre for Indigenous Business Leadership, the Faculty of Science, and the Indigenous Knowledge Institute at the University of Melbourne.

The 2022 theme for The National Reconciliation Week is, “Be Brave. Make Change.” This is a challenge to all Australians—individuals, families, communities, organisations, and government—to Be Brave and tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation so we can Make Change for the benefit of all Australians.

The panellists will examine the complexities of reconciliation, their relationship with 'bravery', and how to make impactful change through partnerships. This is an interactive event and will include audience Q&A.

Please note that this is an in-person event only and will not be recorded.

We would appreciate it if you can please RSVP by Tuesday 24 May.


5.30 pm – light refreshments served

6.15 pm – event commences

7.30 pm – event finishes


Siobhan Vivian


Maddison Miller is a Darug woman, archaeologist, creative, and researcher at The Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne. This is a joint appointment with the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning. Maddi’s research focuses on storytelling as a mechanism for bringing together multiple ways of knowing. She has previously held advisory positions as part of the National Environmental Science Program. Her most recent storytelling work, Yilabara Ngara, is being exhibited as part of Emu Sky, an exhibition of Indigenous art and stories exploring ecological knowledges.

Associate Professor Michael-Shawn Fletcher is a Wiradjuri man and Director of Research Capability at the Indigenous Knowledge Institute. He is also a physical geographer and Assistant Dean (Indigenous) for the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne. Michael’s interests are in the long-term interactions between humans, climate, disturbance, and vegetation at local, regional, and global scales. His current work involves looking at historical environmental records from across the Southern Hemisphere to reconstruct how the environment has changed.

Associate Professor Michelle Evans is inaugural Director of Dilin Duwa Centre for Indigenous Business Leadership. Michelle is the Associate Dean (Indigenous) at the Faculty of Business and Economics and the Melbourne Business School; co-Founder of Australia’s number one Indigenous Business Master Class program, MURRA, based at Melbourne Business School; founder of the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development at the Faculty of Victorian college of the Arts and Music; and founder of WALAN MAYINYGU Charles Sturt University’s Indigenous entrepreneurship Pop Up innovation hub program. Michelle has taught and mentored over 250 Australian Indigenous businesspeople through various Indigenous business programs.