Indigenous Knowledge Institute

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The Indigenous Knowledge Institute aims to advance research and education in Indigenous knowledge systems.

Following a commitment made by Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell at the Garma Festival in August 2019, the institute was launched at the 19th Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance on 3 December 2020, led by the Research Unit for Indigenous Arts and Cultures at the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development.

The Indigenous Knowledge Institute is one of five current Melbourne Interdisciplinary Research Institutes. These institutes aim to promote research linkages and collaboration across the University and to play a lead role in articulating University research to external audiences.

The Indigenous Knowledge Institute will build on the research and education activities already underway at the University to become a global leader in Indigenous knowledge research and education. The Institute will also build on the work of the Indigenous Hallmark Research Initiative which ceased operation in 2019.

Latest news and upcoming events

Banner image: Installation photography of Ancestral Memory exhibition, Old Quad, 2019. Photograph: Christian Capurro. Image © the artists.