Library launches introduction to Indigenous knowledge research

Learn more about undertaking Indigenous knowledge research via the Library's 23 Research Things.

The 23 Research Things is a collection of blog posts which introduce a range of research tools for academics and graduate students. The blogs focus on a range of topics from working with images, to choosing where to publish. The 2020 blog series was launched with a post from Aurora Milroy, Institute Manager at the Indigenous Knowledge Institute, with a beginner's guide to undertaking Indigenous knowledge research.

The post emphasised the importance of :

  • Good relationships as central to good research
  • Ethics in research
  • Indigenous research methods and
  • Indigenous cultural and intellectual property

Aurora writes, "Indigenous knowledge systems represent the oldest and longest continuing forms of knowledge production in this country. Indigenous knowledge holders are the first scientists, philosophers, and thinkers, but there has been limited engagement with Indigenous knowledge systems and limited recognition of the expertise of Indigenous knowledge holders by research institutions and universities.This is changing."

To learn more about how to begin your Indigenous knowledge research journey, you can read the full post at the Library website.

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