IKI Seminar Series

Throughout the year, the Indigenous Knowledge Institute holds public seminars on a range of topics encompassing Indigenous knowledges. The talks are designed to be of general interest to a wide range of audiences.

The First Astronomers: A Conversation with Uncle Ghillar Michael Anderson & N’arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs

Drawing on the book ‘The First Astronomers: How Indigenous Elders read the stars’, Uncle Ghillar, N’arweet Carolyn, and Associate Professor Duane Hamacher discuss Indigenous sky knowledge.

First Nations Elders are expert observers of the stars. They teach that everything on the land is reflected in the sky, and everything in the sky is reflected on the land.

These living systems of knowledge challenge conventional ideas about the nature of science and the longevity of oral tradition. Indigenous science is dynamic, adapting to changes in the skies and on Earth, pointing the way for a world facing the profound disruptions of climate change.

See the Allen and Unwin website for more information about the book.