Josh Cubillo

Title: Learning on Country pedagogy in Narrm

Summary: This research proposes that establishing and maintaining relationships between non-Indigenous secondary educators and Traditional Owners has the potential to disrupt the ongoing erasure of Indigenous knowledge in classroom curriculum development and pedagogies.

The research will create a professional development module that seeks to establish a relationship between Traditional Owners in Narrm and non-Indigenous teachers. The study will evaluate the effectiveness of the professional development module and assess if and how non-Indigenous teachers increase their engagement and use of Indigenous knowledges in the teaching and learning process at different stages of the project.

This qualitative research project will take place in partnership with Traditional Owners of Narrm (Melbourne) and with four non-Indigenous teachers currently employed in an urban education setting. Both settler colonialism and Foucault's power/knowledge theories will underpin the interpretation and analysis of the data collected.


Mr Josh Cubillo (PS)
Professor Elizabeth McKinley (S)
Associate Professor Nikki Moodie (S)


The University of Melbourne